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Free Dealer Price Quote
Get the best deal on a new car.
If you’re shopping for your next car, start here! Simply select the vehicle you’re interested in to receive a free quote from up to 3 dealers near you, subject to availability. Save yourself the time of driving from dealer to dealer and do it all from home.

Get a Free Dealer Price Quote

What vehicle are you shopping for?
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How does it work?
Select the year, make, model and trim of the vehicle you’re shopping for and we will then display up to 3 dealerships nearby that match your criteria. Fill in your contact details and you will soon receive quotes for your next car. You’ll be able to compare quotes and pick the best price for you.
Why get a free dealer price quote?
Price quotes save you money and put you in control! You can ask dealers for their best new car price and even start the deal from home. You are able to choose the dealer that suits your needs and budget – you make the call.
Will dealers contact me when I ask for a price quote?
Yes, with the exception of some rare circumstances – although you choose the dealers that can contact you. Dealers are aware that you’re a serious buyer that is interested in finding a good deal. Many dealerships have a dedicated sales team to specifically handle these requests – they may call or email you.
Am I obligated to use the price quote?
No, there’s no obligation when you request a quote. You can just begin by testing the waters, to finalize negotiations or challenge another dealer’s “best price”. It’s always free and you’re never obligated.
Not sure what vehicle you want next?
Look through Kelley Blue Book Canada’s collection of various Top 10 vehicle categories to narrow down your options and see what vehicle would best suit your needs. See Top 10s.