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10 Best Road Trip Cars of 2020

No matter how short our Canadian summers may seem, it’s the perfect time to hit the road. When it comes to finding the right ride to match your plans for a vacation adventure, there’s no shortage of interesting vehicles to choose from. It could be a scenic trip along winding roads with your significant other in the Rocky Mountains or a full-on cross-country tour with the entire family in tow from the Maritimes to B.C. There are plenty of alternatives depending on who you want to go with and what you want to bring along. So, in alphabetical order, we take a look at our list of the 10 Best Road trip Cars of 2020. You’re sure to find something here to help satisfy your wanderlust.



2020 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

Minivans are the ultimate family road-trip machines. Boasting generous 3-row seating, easy-to-use sliding doors, and the availability of top-shelf entertainment systems, the Pacifica Hybrid ranks as a cross-country king. The Chrysler minivan shines on all three points with the bonus of a plug-in hybrid powertrain that delivers around 50 kilometres of pure electric propulsion and a total driving range of more than 784 km.


2020 Ford Expedition

If you have a large crew and need a powerful SUV to tow stuff, the Ford Expedition is your ticket to ride. Thanks to its independent rear suspension, you won't find better third-row accommodations in any other full-size SUV. The big Ford's EcoBoost V6 has plenty of punch, and there's a 10-speed automatic transmission to help squeeze the most efficiency out of this large SUV.


2020 Honda Clarity Plugin Hybrid

The family sedan, like the family road trip, is still alive — it’s just evolved. Rather than playing “I spy,” the kids are more likely to have their heads buried in an iPad. Still, the 5-passenger Honda Clarity offers plenty of room for the young ones to spread out in the back, and the estimated 475 km driving range of the plug-in hybrid means you’ll be stopping for bathroom breaks well before you need to refuel.


2020 Kia Stinger

Thanks to its European-inspired handling, there are few sport sedans in this category that provide the driving excitement of the Kia Stinger, especially when the sticker price and roomy cabin and cargo space are taken into consideration. For longer road trips, the 5-passenger Stinger offers plenty of legroom, both front and rear. The Kia's liftback design makes the Stinger as versatile as any compact SUV or wagon, able to swallow all shapes and sizes of cargo and gear up to 1,133 litres with the rear seats folded.


2020 Mazda MX-5 RF

If it’s just you or perhaps you and your significant other, there’s no finer tourer than a Mazda MX-5 RF. This taut 2-seater offers plenty of driving thrills as well as nearly roadster-like open-air visibility from its retractable roof panel. The benefit here is that when the top is in place, the RF is as quiet and composed as a hardtop coupe.


2020 Porsche Macan

A road trip list wouldn’t be complete without a Porsche. But rather than taking out one of its legendary sports cars, why not consider a Macan? This compact SUV offers a high level of performance blended with the practicality needed to carry up to five passengers and their luggage. Not only is it quick and rewarding to drive, but it’s also pretty sharp-looking to boot.


2020 Ram 1500

There are more pickup trucks taken on road trips than you think, and the Ram 1500 is undoubtedly at the head of the class thanks to its luxurious interior. Best of all, in addition to having room for five in the four-door crew-cab configuration, the half-ton Ram 1500 is an ace when it comes to towing, whether it’s a boat or a camper.


2020 Subaru Outback

While Subaru likes to think of it as a crossover, the Outback is clearly more comfortable in the mid-size station wagon realm. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Lower in height than your typical SUV, the all-wheel-drive Subaru Outback will make getting that bike or kayak off the roof rack that much easier. It’s a vehicle that is clearly designed for those seeking an adventure in the great outdoors.


2020 Toyota Camry Hybrid

For as long as we can remember, the Toyota Camry mid-size sedan has been a quiet, comfortable and reliable road-tripping sedan. For extended road time, we like the current Hybrid version. It scores a frugal 4.8 litres per 100 km highway fuel economy estimate. To keep you safe on your vacation travels, all Camry models come with Toyota’s robust suite of safety and active driver-assistance features.


2020 Volkswagen Atlas

The Atlas, Volkswagen's entry in the mid-size crossover SUV segment, has plenty to offer with a spacious cabin, three rows of comfortable seating, and the availability of V6 power and all-wheel drive. While it offers the roominess of a full-size SUV inside, the biggest VW's relatively tidy exterior and good road manners give it the maneuverability of a compact.


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