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Buyer’s Guide: Every New Mid-size Luxury Sedan for 2022

Traditional luxury sedans may be out of fashion, but they still offer plenty of attributes for buyers not interested in SUVs or trucks.


Like most three-box-design cars, sales of mid-size luxury sedans have declined for several years. But with roomy interiors, smooth handling, and a more traditional profile, these cars can provide a unique driving experience compared to larger and boxier vehicles.

Whether they come from North America, Asia, or Europe, alphabetically, we’ve listed every new mid-size luxury sedan available in Canada for 2022. If you’re looking for more details or ready to buy, click on the model name link to find the relevant Kelley Blue Book Value.


Acura TLX — Base MSRP: $45,700 CAD

Whoever buys a 2022 TLX will have a luxury car with a driver’s edge. This is the second generation of TLX, which was all-new last year. Like other Acura vehicles, the TLX has a lot of standard equipment, including many driver assistance features. And the prices are competitive. If some companies had called their all-wheel drive systems “super handling,” we would have put that down to an over-eager marketing department. This one, though, is different. Acura’s Super Handling-All Wheel Drive enables the TLX to stick to its cornering line with remarkable tenacity. The 355-horsepower Type S takes it up a gear, so to speak.


Audi A6 Sedan — Base MSRP: $67,400 CAD

This generation of Audi A6 is the fifth, debuting for the 2019 model year. Everything is fresh, then, including some aspects like wireless Apple CarPlay smartphone integration that are still a rarity. Anyone considering a luxury mid-size sedan really needs the A6 on their list. The S6 amps up the performance factor even more. The A6’s Matrix-Design LED headlights are way too sophisticated to be explained in one paragraph. Still, these units contain many small LEDs that can be activated or turned off to create as much illumination as possible in front of the Audi, yet still reduce glare for oncoming vehicles.


BMW 5 Series — Base MSRP: $64,800 CAD

The 2022 5 Series is for people who like driving, highlighted by the 600 horsepower-plus M5 trim. There are a few alternatives providing luxury, tech, and space, but the BMW 5 Series also has that unique driver appeal. How old is the current generation of 5 Series? This seventh generation debuted for the 2017 model year but received a mid-cycle refreshment for 2021. Of note is the 5’s Live Cockpit Pro twin-screen arrangement. For the driver, there’s a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster. For the infotainment system, also a 12.3-inch touchscreen. It’s the high-resolution highlight of the 5 Series’ human-machine interface.


Cadillac CT5 — Base MSRP: $41,198 CAD

The Cadillac CT5 is one of the most affordable choices here. The Cadillac CT5 rivals the Acura TLX with a very similar starting price. But the Acura doesn’t offer a trim that can compete with the 668-hp CT5-V Blackwing super sedan, but the Acura is more fun to drive in base form than the CT5, and the TLX Type S delivers performance like the CT5-V. One of the biggest perks of the CT-5 is the available Super Cruise feature. This sophisticated semi-autonomous driving system allows for hands-free highway driving on roads that Cadillac has mapped.


Chrysler 300 — Base MSRP: $46,445 CAD

The 300 does something most other mid-size sedans can’t. It has the option of a V8 engine. For 2022, this seems so wonderfully against the grain as the motoring world is moving away from sedans in general and large engines, choosing to bolt turbochargers to smaller units instead. This is the second generation of 300, launched for the 2011 model year. Buyers can start with a V6 engine or opt for the 8-cylinder, plus standard rear-wheel drive or optional all-wheel drive (although not a V8 and AWD in the same car). The 300 is also timelessly roomy and comfortable. Going against the grain has its attractions.


Genesis G80 — Base MSRP: $66,500 CAD

The 2022 G80 goes from strength to strength. Now in its second generation, which debuted last year, the G80 has moved beyond its original value-for-money approach to become a convincing premium car. Yet it still represents a good value. A spacious and well-appointed cabin is complemented by many standard safety features, turbocharged engines, and AWD for confidence in slippery conditions and optimum grip in the dry. Even though Genesis hasn’t quite shaken off the “new kid on the luxury block” stigma, cars like the G80 cement the brand’s position as a serious contender.


Jaguar XF — Base MSRP: $61,800 CAD

The 2022 XF is the last sedan standing in the whole Jaguar lineup. The XF is uniquely positioned between the more affordable Japanese and American options in this segment. The Jag underwent a bit of a rebrand in the 2021 model year with a significant price cut, more standard tech features, and the discontinuation of the previously available V6 engine. The sole 296-hp   SE R-Dynamic trim uses the P300 AWD powertrain, which serves up a nice boost in performance and a slight fuel economy penalty. The result is a competitive, high-tech mid-size luxury sedan at a surprisingly affordable price point.


Lexus ES — Base MSRP: $46,200 CAD

The 2022 Lexus ES is a winner on many levels. Undeniably luxurious, it enjoys superb build quality and many standard features, yet the ES is the most affordable car in its class. It also turns on its head the accepted notion that luxury cars lose their value quickly. This seventh generation of ES has been around since the 2019 model year. Many buyers aren’t going to care that the Lexus is front-drive-based. Instead, they will love the quiet cabin, comfortable ride, generous passenger space, and reassuring reliability. The 2022 ES range does offer a hybrid variant and AWD (albeit with the smallest engine).


Maserati Ghibli — Base MSRP: $107,400 CAD

The 2022 Ghibli is a unique choice. While the Maserati luxury sedan excels in character, it lacks in most other categories. The interior quality is subpar for its price point. It’s more fun to drive than the average sedan, but the performance might not be as good as you expect from a Maserati. If you’ve always wanted a Maserati, the Ghibli is a competent sports sedan at a price that’s attainable for many luxury car shoppers. However, if you’re looking for the most exciting or luxurious sedan at this price point, you may want to look elsewhere.


Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe — Base MSRP: $85,900 CAD

The 2022 CLS is a luxury mid-size sedan. Or a 4-door coupe, if the Mercedes-Benz marketing department has any say in the matter. The CLS is based on the E-Class despite the C in its name. Now in its third generation, which debuted for 2019, this variation on the E-Class theme ramps up the style while slicing the roofline. However perceived, the CLS Coupe is still a well-executed and luxurious cruiser with many tech features and high-quality materials. Ride quality favours comfort over sportiness, but the CLS won’t go sloppy when accelerating through long, sweeping curves.


Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedan — Base MSRP: $66,700 CAD


If the 2022 E-Class was the only set of cars to wear that famous badge, the company’s reputation would still be impressive. They’re all built on the same solid platform that provides plenty of refinement and safety, and they offer some of the most advanced automotive technology available. It could also be argued that every variant looks pretty darn desirable. An adaptive air suspension is optional in the E 350 and E 450 models, with a sport-tuned version included with every AMG version. It does virtually everything—enhancing comfort, eliminating body lean through corners, and adjusting ride height.


Volvo S90  — Base MSRP: $70,100 CAD

The Volvo S90 is an often-overlooked option in this class. It doesn’t claim to have the sporty driving dynamics of a German sports sedan, prioritizing safety and practicality over performance, but this Swedish underdog is worth serious consideration for anyone looking for a safe and practical sedan but has a budget for a luxury car. It has the stellar safety scores you’d expect from a Volvo, a roomy, comfortable interior, and styling that stands out in traffic. The new base powertrain in the S90 is the B6 mild-hybrid engine with standard all-wheel drive. There’s also a plug-in hybrid Recharge trim that enhances both performance and efficiency.


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