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Get An Offer On Your Car Now with Kelley Blue Book
We have streamlined the trade-in process to make it more convenient for you! If your vehicle meets our criteria, you could receive an offer from a local dealer to buy your vehicle within the next 48 hours*.
This is how it works:
  1. Select the year, make and model of your vehicle below to see it’s eligible.
  2. If eligible, submit your information.
  3. We will send you an email to complete your vehicle assessment via PAVE.
  4. You will be contacted after 48 hours* to discuss your offer.

KBB Trade-In On Demand

Tell Us About Your Vehicle
About the Trade-in On Demand Program:
Kelley Blue Book has designed a trade-in program that is built for you and works around your schedule! If your vehicle is eligible to be a part of our trade-in program, we will send you a link to an easy to use condition assessment tool, PAVE, that is powered by advanced AI technology to make it easy for you to capture the accurate condition of your vehicle. You will be able to complete your vehicle condition assessment remotely from home with your own mobile device and contactless. Once you have completed the assessment, our exclusive group of local dealerships will review your vehicle and submit an offer to purchase your vehicle within the next 48 hours*. A Kelley Blue Book representative will then contact you to discuss your offer and next steps if you would like to accept it.
Will this cost me anything?
No, there is no charge or fees to participate in this initiative.
Don’t like the offer you received?
No problem. There is no obligation to accept the offer and the dealership will not receive your contact details unless you accept it.
What happens after I accept the offer?
We will connect you and the dealership to finalize the transaction process.
What if I change my mind and want to accept the offer later?
Your KBB On Demand Trade-In offer is only valid the day you have been contacted by our representative. Once you have rejected the offer, it is no longer valid and you will need to wait at least 30 days until you can restart the process.

*Within 48 hours of receipt of a completed PAVE assessment. Certain conditions apply.